Cloud File Storage Solutions Breakdown--so many choices and paths you can choose

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Cloud File Storage Solutions Breakdown

There are many cloud file storage solutions out there. How do you choose the right one? Check out our breakdown! Watch out for the worst!
COVID Checklist


Back-to-Work COVID Checklist

This Back-to-Work COVID Checklist is super helpful. It covers People, Workplace, Technology and Customers and may be a useful roadmap as you plan for reopening.
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Clean Your Phone!

It’s one thing to stop touching your face. It’s another to stop touching the things that touch your face! Read some quick and easy tips to keep that phone clean!
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Online Meeting Tips and Tricks

We're attending LOTS of online meetings these days and have put together our favorite tips for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


How to Pick a Password Manager?

A password manager is like a notebook with your passwords, but with a master key that only you have. This blog helps you compare password managers.



Our Favorite Outlook Tips

Many of us spend lots of our day in Outlook, so any tips to make us more efficient are treasured. We’ve collected some of our favorites here. Find out all about them in this blog from BEI.
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Tips & Tricks for Using Microsoft Excel - Video

Join BEI President and self-professed Excel junkie, Mike Jennings, as he discusses and demonstrates intermediate skills in Microsoft Excel.


Tips & Tricks for Using Microsoft Teams - Video

Collaboration with Microsoft Teams is simple. Find out how to work in Teams accross your organization. Master meetings, phone calls, and document sharing.
Workplace Anywhere Presentation with Ryan Diaz


Tips & Tricks for Using Datto Workplace - Video

Join BEI Engineer, Ryan Diaz, as he discusses and demonstrates Datto Workplace, Worplace Online, Workplace Desktop, File Sharing and Selective Syncing.