Dirty Phone held in a woman's hand

Clean Your Phone!

It’s one thing to stop touching your face. It’s another to stop touching the things that touch your face!

Wipes or Microfiber Cloths to Clean Your Phone?

There is lots of online advise about cleaning your phone It ranges from using a Lysol wipe (which some say can damage the coating of your phone over time) to using a microfiber cloth, because microfiber can pick up bacteria. Just launder the cloth after use. There are also cleaning wipes that are made for electronic devices.

When you clean your phone, don’t forget the case. Take it off, give it a good cleaning with whatever method you prefer, and then make sure it is very dry before you put it back on.

Electronic Phone Cleaner

A few weeks ago one of our staff had the foresight to buy an electronic phone cleaner for the BEI office. They are currently sold out at Amazon but might be available elsewhere. We just put our phones in there, close, and 5 minutes later – presto! they are clean!

Phonesoap Phone Sanitizer

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