Our Favorite Outlook Tips

Many of us spend lots of our day in Microsoft Outlook, so any Microsoft Outlook tips to make us more efficient are treasured. We’ve collected some of our favorites here. 

Schedule delivery of an email for later

Want to compose a message now but send it later? Outlook makes it easy. Write your email, then go to Options > Delay Delivery > Do not deliver before, then specify the time and date you want it to go out.

Perfect for crafting a few timely responses before you hop on a plane or go into an afternoon of meetings.

Close all those Outlook Windows

Some of us love to open a lot of emails and sometimes you just need to start over and close them all. Outlook offers a very easy way to do this. Go to View > Close All Items.

Ignore (Yes, really a Microsoft Outlook tip!)

We’ve all been stuck in an email thread that goes on and on, whether it is about the football game you don’t care about or an office joke that doesn’t warrant any more time. You can send all these emails right to Deleted Items by right-clicking on one of them and choosing Ignore. This email conversation and all future emails in this thread will be sent to Deleted Items. You can always go into Deleted Items and click on Ignore again and you will have the option of reversing this decision.

Don’t Leave Desktop Alert enabled

Unless your job depends on you seeing and responding to emails immediately, most of us are much more productive if we disable desktop alerts – those sounds or visible indications of new email. Click the File tab, choose Options in the left pane, and then choose Mail. Uncheck all of the options in the Message Arrival section. If you just have to have some indication of a new email, the envelope icon in the taskbar is probably the least intrusive.


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