COVID Checklist

Back-to-Work COVID Checklist

Ready to Go Back? Here’s a COVID Checklist

One of our great vendors created a Back-to-Work COVID checklist.  It’s substantial and we wanted to share it with you as a road map you may find useful, regardless of where you are on this journey.  We sure did.  Made us realize some items we were overlooking.  Please check it out HERE.

At BEI we’ve decided that the majority of our staff will continue working from home for now.  It was important for us to accommodate the changing needs of our staff and clients as we move into a new school year.  We have a handful of people in the office at all times, but we are fortunate that with the right tools we really can do our jobs from anywhere! We have stable, long tenured staff so we have well established relationships that really help as most of us work remotely right now.

Guidelines from the Commonwealth of Virginia

We’re also reviewing the guidelines that were published by Virginia’s Department of Labor – this is a very through COVID checklist that divides workplaces by level of risk and makes recommendations for health and safety related to COVID-19.

Interested in Sharing Resources? Have Your own COVID Checklist?

Would you like to chat about your current setup and your back-to-work plans? We’d love to hear the things you implemented that are working and those you are still struggling with.  It doesn’t have to be IT-related.  We have great partners and people in our network and maybe we can help each other.  Fill out the form below and we’ll follow up quickly!

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