Dirty Phone held in a woman's hand


Clean Your Phone!

It’s one thing to stop touching your face. It’s another to stop touching the things that touch your face! Read some quick and easy tips to keep that phone clean!
Businessman stacking blocks that spell out "BYOD"

Managed IT Services

5 steps to a solid BYOD policy

It’s increasingly common for employees to have their own devices – laptops, tablets, phones – at work; devices that they’re comfortable and familiar with. But BYOD policies can create some potentially dangerous situations for employers. Use these steps as you set up your BYOD policy.
Employee working from phone


How to work remotely using only your smartphone

Smartphone apps allow employees to work remotely with the same functionality on their smaller devices as they would have access to on larger ones. With so many productivity apps being introduced each year, companies are beginning to see real ROI in allowing staff to work remotely.