Cybersecurity Strategy


Your cybersecurity strategy: Protecting desktops, laptops, email and more

Many SMBs assume that hackers won't attack them because they don't have as much client data and money as multi-national corporations. The truth is that cybercriminals continue to target SMBs—and they’re successful with an alarming degree of frequency. You need to protect your SMB.
Digital coding


5 tips for managing your business IT infrastructure

How do you backup your data and share information? if you're overlooking other areas of your business IT infrastructure, you could be losing money and limiting your productivity. To prevent this from happening, here are some top tips for managing your business IT infrastructure.


VR in business: Who's using it and what's the potential?

VR has practical commercial applications, and more and more companies are taking advantage of them. Indeed, businesses of all sizes and in practically any industry can utilize it.
BEI employee and password security


Improve your security by following NIST password guidelines

Most people are guilty of using the same password for many accounts. This widespread password reuse makes your an easy target for cyberattacks. Based on NIST guidelines, we compiled the following suggestions to help you improve your password creation processes and educate your employees accordingly.


Phishing attacks, spear phishing and keeping your company safe

Phishing attacks and spear phishing are two methods of cyberattack that have proven to be alarmingly effective in recent years. Your business is at risk if you don't take appropriate action. In this article, we’ll look at how both phishing attacks and spear phishing and explore how you can keep your company safe.


Hiring & retaining great staff

Hiring and retaining great staff is probably one of the biggest challenges for any employer, but more so in an area with such low unemployment and in a field that has a higher-than-average turnover rate. We thought we’d share some of our thoughts and best practices.



Our Favorite Outlook Tips

Many of us spend lots of our day in Outlook, so any tips to make us more efficient are treasured. We’ve collected some of our favorites here. Find out all about them in this blog from BEI.