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Your Guide to Pain Free Telecom Transformations

No one wants to deal with a telecom transformation that entails a lot of work. The reality is, telecom transformations can be messy and complicated. Plus, there are so many options, and so many potential wrong paths to walk down.

Make the right choice, and you can optimize your business. Make the wrong one, and you’ll be less efficient and effective. To help your business make the switch, and to ensure smooth sailing rather than chaos, check out these tips on how to have a pain free telecom transformation.

Businesses are swiftly moving to the cloud for telecom

To remain competitive and ensure your business can grow, there are several key shifts you can make to your IT. One of them is moving to the cloud for your telecom services. What this means is you’ll use the cloud versus landlines for communications, reducing the need for physical cabling. Many businesses are making the move. The telecom cloud market hit $14.19 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $42 billion by 2024.

That’s a high-growth market, so this should substantiate that moving to the cloud is in your best interest. But how can you do this with the least amount of stress?

Tap an expert

There are literally hundreds of choices for cloud telecom services on the market. Some of them will be an excellent fit for your business; others will not. It’s a lot to navigate for any organization. To get the ideal option, you’d have to spend hours researching. Instead, work with a telecom expert to provide you with the best options, designed specifically to meet your company’s demands and budget.

Conduct an invoice review

Before you make a change, it’s important to understand exactly what your setup is now and what you are paying for. Start with your invoice. Go through all the details and identify where there are opportunities for cost savings. These are funds you can reallocate to other parts of your IT like upgrading your PCs.

Be ready to use the cloud

Chances are, you are already using the cloud for some part of your IT. A recent survey found that 73% of organizations have at least one application in the cloud, and another 17% plan to do so in the next 12 months. But you may be wondering if you are cloud-ready. You may also be concerned about cloud security.

To begin your telecom transformation, get a basic cloud assessment completed. This way, you can know for sure where any gaps are. With a telecom expert helping with this assessment, you can ensure that the switch to the cloud doesn’t come with surprises. 

Make smart bandwidth buying decisions

Bandwidth is critical to telecom. You need to find the best carrier and the best access method for your site. There are different advantages and disadvantages to each method—cable, fiber, or wireless. Let your telecom consultant provide this information to you so you can buy intelligently.

Determine how providers will integrate with your existing apps and infrastructure

Don’t end up with something that doesn’t work. There is nothing more frustrating than selecting a new system only to have interoperability challenges. Work with experts to ensure that your new telecom system works harmoniously with your existing infrastructure and apps. This will allow you to implement without delays.

Are you ready to make your pain free telecom transformation? Get the support you need from BEI’s professional team. Contact us today to get started.