Windows Virtual Desktop – a Game Changer!

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) has been around for many years, but the economics just haven’t worked well outside of large enterprises.  Some smaller organizations have been forced to use Citrix because of line-of-business vendor requirements, but Citrix is expensive. Many small organizations use Remote Desktop because it is more cost-effective, but people have mixed experiences with Remote Desktop.  It uses a server interface, which never feels quite right for those used to a PC and the graphics and usability over an internet connection can result in latency and a poor overall user experience. Remote Desktop has lower ongoing operating costs than Citrix, but the upfront licensing, servers and labor are significant. Enter Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)!

WVD is billed as a Desktop-as-a-Service, or DaaS, solution, perfect for the current subscription-based economy and OpEx-based budgeting we are all adopting.  Last fall Microsoft released this scalable, Azure cloud-based solution and it’s a game changer. 

What is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)?

WVD is a desktop in the Cloud – specifically Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. All of the computing is done in the cloud, so you are not dependent on the device (laptop/desktop/tablet) you are using. WVD can also be used to run whole applications in the cloud – for example QuickBooks—and give the user the simulated experience of a local application.  Access is as easy as double-clicking an icon, logging in is handled behind the scenes, and the application opens.  Pretty neat.

Lower Your Hardware Budget on Day One

Windows Virtual Desktop can run on a simple laptop, thin client, an iPad or a Chromebook. It can even run on a mobile phone! So not only can you purchase less expensive computers going forward, you don’t have to be concerned with current and future “horsepower” for your users to have a good work experience.

Enable BYOD or Work from Home with More Confidence

Configured correctly, WVD can be a secure option to connect to your corporate environment. This might enable you to allow staff to flexibly work from a variety of devices – both in the office and at home.

Onboard New Staff Quickly and Less Expensively

With WVD you can quickly deploy a new desktop with just a few clicks.  And if a user leaves and is replaced by someone new, there isn’t a need to rebuild the entire computer.

Smart Cost Management

WVD environments can be configured to reduce unused resources and turn off unnecessary infrastructure to reduce your monthly bill.  In a typical cloud environment, you are paying for uptime and bandwidth.  If you don’t need 40 WVDs available at 3am, then why pay for them?  Using automation, you can put yourself in the best possible setup for your organizations needs.  Conversely, if you need to scale up massively to burn the midnight oil and need to bring in outside consultants to work through a proposal response for a week straight, you can do that with a few clicks and a friendly chat with your IT provider.

Get the Full Desktop Experience

With WVD you can use it just like you would any other computer.  With an RDS, you can’t use popular applications like OneDrive or do a video conference on Zoom or MS Teams.  With WVD, this is no problem.  Everything is easier for your IT department and for you.

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