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How to protect your network while allowing BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are changing the business world for the better. With fewer overheads and greater working flexibility for employees, it may at first seem as though you cannot find fault with this approach. With our advice, you can adopt a BYOD policy and strengthen your network against attacks.
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4 top tech trends to watch in 2019

It's amazing to consider how far business technologies have come in the past few decades. At one time, you or your parents may have used typewriters, mimeographs, and file cabinets every day. In 30 years, every office may be replete with humanoid robots and teleportation machines.
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How to work remotely using only your smartphone

Smartphone apps allow employees to work remotely with the same functionality on their smaller devices as they would have access to on larger ones. With so many productivity apps being introduced each year, companies are beginning to see real ROI in allowing staff to work remotely.