Predictable IT

Predictable IT makes running your business infinitely easier

As a business leader, you almost certainly have an elevator pitch. What does your business do in 30 seconds or less? You can’t hope to grow as an organization until you have a focused mission that can easily be summed up a few words.

Here at BEI, we believe in the power of a shared mission. Everyone in our organization knows what we do and why we do it. You’ll even see it referenced all over our newly redesigned website.

We believe our services all hinge on a single idea: predictable IT makes your life easier.

Get IT done right

Any managed IT services provider (MSP) worth their salt is going to tell you they can handle your IT issues. And to be fair, there are a lot of competent IT professionals in the DC Metro area. What sets us apart?

We get IT done right.

Here’s what we mean. Every IT issue you encounter has the potential to slow your business down. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about proactive upgrades, routine maintenance or troubleshooting. If your staff can’t rely on predictable IT tools, you’re wasting time.

So we work hard to make sure our initial approach is the right approach in every situation.

Record everything

Documentation is a critical piece of the puzzle for us. We believe it’s nearly impossible to provide predictable IT without a clear, complete paper trail. There should be a record of everything.

And we do mean everything.

Documentation helps us reduce your downtime because it ensures we know exactly how your network is configured and exactly what you expect your IT tools to deliver. It helps us remain strategically aligned with our clients because your goals and targets are always crystal clear. And it helps us build trust because it means we begin and end everything with candid, open communication.

Predictable IT just isn’t possible without thorough documentation, and we’ve spent decades perfecting the documentation process. We’ll make sure everything is on the record without making the documentation process a pain.

Always operational

Business has changed a lot in the last 30 years. It wasn’t that long ago that IT tools were more of a luxury than a necessity. These days, it’s hard to even conceive of being productive without technology.

So it comes as no surprise that network downtime is the bane of any business owner’s existence.

When your business network goes offline, you’re basically dead in the water. If your employees don’t have access to the tools that make them productive, there goes efficient operations. Every single minute of downtime is money lost.

Predictable IT addresses that potential problem through proactive monitoring, solid planning and regular maintenance. We’ll ensure your network is safe with the very best cybersecurity available. And when the unexpected happens (as it inevitably does from time to time), we’ll make sure you bounce back fast with minimal downtime.

Going to ridiculous lengths

If we were to summarize our predictable IT into a single sentence (our super-short elevator speech), we’d say we go to ridiculous lengths to meet our clients’ needs. It’s as simple as that.

You rely on your IT tools. You need a managed IT services partner you can rely on, too. There’s really no way to overstate the importance of predictable IT. Literally, your whole business operation depends on it.

We take the role we play seriously. (Don’t worry. We’re fun people, too.)

If you’re looking for an MSP that gets it—that gets you—then you’re looking for us. See for yourself why we’re the premier IT support firm in the DC Metro area.