Managing Expenses for Businesses

A challenge for all business owners, CEOs, CFOs or any decision-maker is to figure out how to manage expenses to maximize cash flow.  This requires a focus on cost-cutting and more efficient processes to run operations.  Not running out of money is one of the key priorities for any business.

What can you do to manage expenses and maximize cash flow?

Read MORE in this article by Mary Pociask of Schooley Mitchell, the largest cost reduction consulting firm in North America, has been helping clients save money since 1998.

Back to Work COVID Checklist

As we all think about reopening our offices (or not!) there are many issues to consider. We are sharing a great checklist that one of our partners created.  Please check it out HERE. At BEI we’ve been working on plans for many different scenarios. We’re also reviewing State guidelines and you can read more about all of this HERE.

Options for Working Remotely

Many of us have been working at home since March and are starting to evaluate next steps. For some that means continued working from home and for others it may mean a mix of returning to the office and from home. Given that work from home is going to be part of the mix for the foreseeable future, we thought we would review the options for a successful setup. In a recent blog we reviewed:

  • Cloud Services
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network
  • Remote Desktop
  • Control

You can read the entire article HERE.

Teams Update – Together Mode

Microsoft keeps updating Teams and we’re seeing some fun and useful new features. Our favorite is called “Together Mode,” which takes all the participants’ video streams and puts them in an auditorium. It is a great way for us to see everyone at our all-hands meeting. To the right you can see our staff at a recent meeting.

There is also an option for a “Large Gallery” which is a traditional grid view. Both of these modes are being rolled out, so if you don’t see them now you should shortly. They are under the 3 ellipses (More actions) at the top of your screen. More Teams Tips from our June newsletter are HERE.

Lunchtime Webinars

The Fundamentals of Cyber Insurance

Tuesday, 9/22 at noon REGISTER

Andrew Beardall, Senior Partner/General Counsel, The” Capital Group will give an overview of the risks and considerations involved with selecting Cyber insurance. Andrew will cover questions such as:

  • When applying for cyber insurance, are there deal-breakers or conditions/history that really raise premiums?
  • What are the most critical safeguards insurance providers are looking for?

IT Security Issues & Your Staff

Tuesday, 10/27 at noon REGISTER

All BEI Managed Services Clients have a security portal that can be used for online IT security training, IT policies and procedures, simulated phishing campaigns, risk assessments, dark web scans and move. Please join BEI Partner Trust Secure Now for a lunchtime presentation full of tips and tricks for the BEI Client Administrator. Learn how you can use your portal to help your staff be more conscientious and aware of IT security issues and steps they can take to make your network more secure. Not a BEI client? You are welcome to see what this service has to offer.

OnDemand Webinars

We record all of the webinars and have posted them for you to watch at your leisure!