Welcome to Cybersecurity Month

What would you do if you found a USB Drive?

We’re starting the month with a real-life story:

Charles found a USB drive in the grass outside his office park. Charles is a helpful guy – also a little curious. After all, the USB stick was labeled “Important”. Charles plugged the USB device into his computer and opened a file, thinking he might be able to identify the drive’s owner. He immediately received a ransomware notice. His laptop was encrypted. Charles was left to contact IT and explain how he got into this predicament.

As part of an academic study, students dropped 297 USB drives around campus, some labeled “important” and some with keys attached. 98% were “found,” and 45% were inserted in a computer and opened. You can find more details on this study here.

What should you do if you find a USB drive? Reasonable options are:

  • Nothing (but this leaves it for the next unknowing victim)
  • Pick it up and give it to “Lost and Found” if you are in a public place
  • Pick it up and give it to IT if you are at work

Then, of course, wash your hands as appropriate. Never, ever attach a mysterious drive to your computer.

Best Places to Work in Washington, D.C.

BPtW 2018, 2019 and 2020!

BEI has been voted one of the Best Places to Work in Washington, DC for the third year in a row in a survey of our staff run by the Washington Business Journal. We’ve worked hard to establish our core values of Anytime, Anywhere, Anything; Clients First; Resourceful & Efficient and Teamwork. It was awesome to see these thoughts reflected in the anonymous survey.

Some of the comments in the anonymous survey:

“Management encourages a culture of excellence and customer service that, as far as I can tell, all of my coworkers embrace heartily.”

“They have consistently provided us with tool to succeed via mean of continuing our education, purchasing us things to improve our workstations, allowing us work without micromanagement, and provided a cohesive work environment in which you can express yourself without the fear of repercussion. And I can’t say I’ve ever worked for a company like this.”

Without a doubt, this makes us very happy! Checkout this year’s listing HERE.

IT Support – Break-Fix or Managed Services?

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Is it Time for a Telecom Transformation?

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Cybersecurity Month Resources

Many well-respected organizations have provided tip sheets and guidelines for cybersecurity month. We’ve pulled out a few and provided the full website references below. has posted a comprehensive list of tip sheets that cover both work and home.

From The National Cybersecurity Alliance are a series of security awareness videos, including Passwords, Data Handling, Computer Theft and more.

BEI’s lunchtime seminar in October will focus on building a cybersecurity culture. Please join BEI Partner Breach Secure Now for a lunchtime presentation full of tips and tricks for the BEI Client Administrator. Learn how you can use your portal to help your staff be more conscientious and aware of IT security issues and steps they can take to make your network more secure. Not a BEI client? You are welcome to see what this service has to offer. You can register HERE.