Volume 2 | Issue 15 | March 2021

Windows Virtual Desktop – a Game Changer!

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has been around for many years, but the economics just haven’t worked well outside of large enterprises. Some smaller organizations have had to use Citrix because of line-of-business vendor requirements, but Citrix is expensive. Many small organizations now use Remote Desktop because it is more cost-effective, but people have mixed experiences with Remote Desktop.

You want more Teams!
In March’s webinar we will tackle:
How to Build Out a Teams Channel
We will cover how to get started the right way. 

Please join us:
March 23, 2021, at 
12:00 PM EST

5 Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop

It’s vital for businesses to enable remote work strategies for their teams. Windows Virtual Desktop enables users to continue work through desktop and application virtualization, empowering companies to provide a secure, productive experience in a changing world.