Volume 2 | Issue 17 | June 2021

5 steps to a solid BYOD policy


It’s increasingly common for employees to have their own devices – laptops, tablets, phones – at work; devices that they’re comfortable and familiar with. Often, they’d prefer to use these devices rather than company-issued ones. From a training perspective, this makes sense. Employees achieve the ability to work remotely while using devices they already know well. It’s also beneficial from a cost perspective.

June - Webinar Info
We had a lot of requests to dig deeper into Cybersecurity after our last webinar.

We are going to have 2 webinars this month on Incident Response Planning and Narrowing Your CMMC or Compliance Scope.

Join us this June for a productive month. Now is the time to register!

June - CMMC

How to Protect your Business from Insider Threats

When you think about protecting your business from security threats, you’re probably picturing external threats, like hackers.

51% of business owners worry about accidental insider security breaches and 49% worry about malicious insider security threats. Although most of your employees will have your company’s best interests at heart, you may have good cause for concern.
June - Business Threats
June - Healthcare Review