Top Tech Gift Guide for 2019

Curated by the staff at BEI, we present a large and interesting Tech Gift Guide. The only requirement was that technology be involved! Happy shopping, and please keep our Holiday Shopping Primer in mind so that you stay safe while you browse and buy. We have tried a few of these products but some are simply things we’d like to own!

Artsy but Techie – these add creativity to your Tech Gift Guide

Ryan D. likes this beautiful hand crafted wooden phone case, $47. On the other hand, Mike J. wants this Digital Canvas, $495 that can change from one work of art to another. Julio M. thinks this well-priced Digital photo frame, $44.99 would be a great addition to any Tech Gift Guide!.

Food-related… We may be techies, but we all like to eat and some of us love to cook!

Mike J. is intrigued by this Sous Vide Precision Cooker, $99. Sous Vide is a way of cooking food in a vacuum sealed bag in temperature controlled water. Much more appetizing that it sounds, it has been used for years in restaurants. Sous Vide is only recently is available for home use. Ellen J. has her eye on the Wireless Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth and WiFi, $99 for oven and grill use, works up to 165 feet.

Smart Home – let the tech do the work

Mike J. wants to Talk to his Trashcan, $199.95 while the Robot Bartender, $1,029 makes him a very expensive drink! Tonia G. thinks that Tiles to help find your stuff, $99 could make us all a little more organized and Joe R. offers the WOHOME Wireless Key Finder, $25.99. Ellen J. wants the iRobot Vacuum, $559.99 to help keep the floors clean with a new puppy running around! Katherine D. loves this Wireless Charging Stand, $29.99 – it is at home on the kitchen counter or your desk.

Hands Free – be safe in the car!

Jennifer H. hopes that the Dashboard Phone Holder, $24.95 will keep young adult drivers safe in the car. Brett S. is hoping that Echo Auto, $49.99 can help Alexa join him on his commute!

Travel Techie

Don’t lose your juice when you’re on the road – Edmond N. suggests this portable charger, $26.99 and Jennifer H. has this Jackery Bolt External Battery Charger, $32.99 in mind for someone’s stocking!

Joe R. thinks this Birgus Language Translator, $198.99 with two-way online translation in over 200 languages can help us in business as well as travel. Ellen J. likes this Universal Travel Adapter Set, $23.99 because it will work with phones, computers and the all-important hair dryer all over the world. Critical items for the travel Tech Gift Guide!

Just Plain Cool Tech Gift Guide

Ryan M. suggests that every serious techie needs a 3D Printer, $256 and John D. is asking for the Wireless Floating Speakers with Microphone, $87.99 – conference calls are about to become much more fun! Tonia G. has her eye on the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, $49.97 – it record vocals, create podcasts, and adds narration to your home movies.