Lunchtime Webinars with BEI

BEI runs monthly lunchtime webinars that typically last 20-30 minutes. They cover topics of general interest and are not overly technical.

July Webinar: Choosing Internet & Phones

Tuesday, July 27th at noon

Your office is changing. You’re downsizing or ditching your office. Or maybe you are taking advantage of an incredible deal right now. If your work environment is shifting, it’s the perfect time to jump in and get a crash course on types of Internet and choosing the right phones to support your ever-changing company needs! In this webinar we will cover:
– Different Types of Internet
– What is a “Lit Building” and what is the “Last Mile”
– Backup Internet & SDWANs
– Phones in 2021 – Must Have Features
– Phone Software Integrations
– To Lease or Not to Lease

Join BEI and partner CNSG as we discuss all things internet and phones!