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Microsoft Teams – Collaboration on Files

Microsoft Teams & Collaboration

Microsoft Teams quickly became the gold standard for collaboration in 2020. We covered the basics of using Microsoft Teams previously but we are back for a little deep-dive.  We are taking a bite-size look at one aspect of Teams: collaborating on files! In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Collaborating on a file in Chat
  • Collaborating on a file in a Channel
  • Saving your favorite files for quick access
  • Working in a file with another person
  • Viewing a file in SharePoint Online
  • Setting up notifications

A few weeks ago we discussed collaboration in Microsoft Teams as an avenue to implementing SharePoint Online in your organization.  We believe strongly in this method, especially if you don’t have any SharePoint experts in-house and aren’t looking to hire anyone. Microsoft Teams is much easier for a beginner to manage with the right IT Provider supporting you *wink-wink.

Collaboration in Microsoft Teams should be used with some well-communicated standard operating procedures.  While you don’t have to deal with versioning and merging documents, you may need to develop systems.  Systems for communicating when documents are finished.  Or when a document has moved into a review status and no other modifications are allowed. This could be as simple as modifying a file name, putting a note at the top of the document, or adding Planner into your Microsoft Teams channel.

Microsoft Teams is a game-changer and can really drive efficiency and a shift in practices.  It helps cut down on emails and drive productivity. It’s also possible it could get out of control if you don’t manage it internally with policies both technical and cultural.  

If you’d like to talk more about how BEI can help support you in your Microsoft Teams efforts, please contact us today.

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