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June 2021 Newsletter

BEI’s June newsletter focuses on Cybersecurity, Incident Response and considerations on a bring your own device to work policy.


Lunchtime Webinars

BEI runs monthly lunchtime webinars that typically last 20-30 minutes. They cover topics of general interest and are not overly...


May 2021 Newsletter

BEI’s May newsletter focuses on Cyber Risk Assessment and Tips for better Compliance Training. Join the webinar for Managed Risk...


March 2021 Newsletter

BEI’s March Newsletter focuses on Windows Virtual Desktop, Private Browsing and Building out a Microsoft Teams Channel


February 2021 Newsletter

BEI’s February newsletter focuses on Getting Started with Sharepoint and Tips for using Datto workplace for your file storage and...


November 2020 Newsletter

BEI’s November newsletter focuses on the steps to successful Project Management, Laptops in short supply, mulit-factor authentication, maximing your CRM...


October 2020 Newsletter

BEI’s October newsletter focuses on Cybersecurity Month with a real-life example, the announcement of BEI’s BPtW award, choosing between Break-Fix...