COVID Checklist


Back-to-Work COVID Checklist

This Back-to-Work COVID Checklist is super helpful. It covers People, Workplace, Technology and Customers and may be a useful roadmap as you plan for reopening.
Summer Camp


August 2020 Newsletter

Learn about free digital summer camps, how to select the laptop of your dreams, the latest on CMMC and our free monthly webinars - all in our August newsletter.
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What Does It Cost?

What does it cost…?? Always a complicated question, but one we all get in any line of work. Many businesses are working on their budgets right now, so we thought we’d put together some IT common bundles for your staff and your office. There's a laptop for every budget!
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How Our Engineers Secure Their Home Networks

How do you protect your professional work life from your family, ensure you have the bandwidth to do your job, and also make sure all of the family computers are operating as safely as possible? Hear from real-life BEI dads about how they perform this heroic feat.
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July 2020 Newsletter

BEI's monthly newsletter includes help for parents trying to manage kids online during the summer, information about Risk Assessments, our lunchtime webinar series (Vacation or Staycation, it’s All About Securing Yourself is next), Excel Tips and Tricks and more!
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Tips & Tricks for Using Microsoft Excel - Video

Businesses are transitioning from office work lifestyle to remote working solutions and for good reason. Find out here with this blog from BEI how you can make the switch.
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Managed IT Services

Disaster Recovery Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Nearly 20% of small and mid sized businesses will suffer a disaster…
Risk assessments are important to every business


What is a risk assessment and why do you need one?

How can your organization mitigate cybersecurity risk? The answer lies in risk assessments. Learn more about what they are and how they can help you.
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June 2020 Newsletter

BEI's monthly newsletter includes Father's Day Gifts, an offer for a free Microsoft 365 Licensing Audit, WFH Technology policies, Excel Tips and Tricks Webinar, and Teams Tips.
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Microsoft 365 Suites - So many choices!

Microsoft offers many options for their subscription licensing - Microsoft Office 365. This table summarizes the options, features and pricing.