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Thought leadership: Reflections from reading Extreme Ownership

War is an intense laboratory for leadership lessons and the authors of Extreme Ownership (former Navy Seals Jocko Willink and Leif Babin) do a terrific job of applying those lessons to everyday business life. In comparison, our day-to-day corporate lives can seem easy – or at least not as risky in terms of human life. […]

Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

Mike Jennings and the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce May 23, 2018 presentation on “Small Business IT on a Budget”. View a snapshot of the presentation and download the guide here.

3 Technology Resolutions for 2018

As you know, a lot can change in a year, and it’s no different with technology. But is your tech ready to power you through another year? Are you falling behind your competition thanks to out of date technology? Do you feel prepared to take on the uncertainty 2018 could bring? It’s a lot to […]

Scream for Section 179 Tax Deduction

While Halloween has passed, the scariest season for companies has started to send shivers down their spinal columns– tax season. But, don’t let the doom and gloom of tax season get you down, Section 179 may just be the trick that raises you up. What is the Section 179 Tax Deduction? Rather than slowly depreciating […]

Three Ways You Can Minimize IT Downtime

Downtime isn’t just frustrating, it’s expensive. According to a recent ITIC study, 98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs more than $100,000. While that’s a staggering hit to any business’s bottom line, there are simple steps you can take to minimize downtime and maximize your peace of mind. Monitor Your Servers  Wouldn’t […]

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an MSP Partner

The only way to ensure growth and longevity is to protect one of your business’ most valuable assets: information. You need a strategic plan to manage information and ensure it consistently aligns with your goals. This is easier said than done for many small businesses that have an IT team of only one or two […]

The Advantages of Managed Services vs. Break-Fix

Technology is the leading force that helps companies streamline their process, improve productivity and keep a competitive edge. But, what happens when you have hiccups or, even worse, a major outage? Your two main options are the break-fix approach and managed services. Understanding what happens when an issue occurs under each scenario will help you […]