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4 top tech trends to watch in 2019

It’s amazing to consider how far business technologies have come in the past few decades. At one time, you or your parents may have used typewriters, mimeographs, and file cabinets every day. In 30 years, every office may be replete with humanoid robots and teleportation machines.

Until then, we can enjoy getting acquainted with what 2019 has in store. The following four advancements seem ready for large-scale adoption. Of course, you can never be certain which technologies will become popular. That’s part of the fun of predicting the future.

1. 5G networks

Many people have been looking forward to fifth-generation (5G) cellular networks for some time now. It looks like they’re finally poised to break through. A 5G network will offer your business incredible speeds. You’ll be able to transfer and download vast quantities of data with greatly diminished latency.

These networks will make it possible to connect many more devices to the internet. And, given the faster rates of data transferal, virtual reality (VR) programs should become much more common. Perhaps you’ll start using VR for prototype development or for showing your products to customers.

2. Screens that fold

Imagine a smartphone or tablet that you could practically fold in half. If that sounds preposterous, you should know that a Chinese company called Royole has already created such a phone.

Bendable devices are sure to be expensive at first. But, just as with other tech innovations of the past, those prices will drop considerably at some point.

Given that they don’t crack and are difficult to break, you might not mind giving flexible devices to all of your employees. That way, many of them can work remotely.

3. Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) appears ready for mainstream commercial usage. With AR, you look through your phone or tablet and see your surroundings with special images layered on top.

Rather than simply using AR for video games, consumers will shop with this tech. For instance, someone might see a certain lawn mower moving around her backyard or a certain car inside her garage. That kind of vivid presentation could heighten people’s desire to buy particular items.

4. AI

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) continues its slow, steady march toward dominating the world’s technology scene. Every year, expect new and useful AI developments.

What will AI have for business owners in 2019? It’s certainly hard to foresee as quantum leaps could come at any time.

However, a solid bet is that analytics software programs will especially benefit from machine learning this year. They should be capable of analyzing data patterns, including consumer purchase patterns, more fluidly than ever before. Plus, they might make more accurate predictions than they have in the past.

By taking advantage of AI, you can build a more reliable IT infrastructure as well as an improved workflow.

These technologies have one thing in common. They stand to offer businesses robust returns on investment. That is, they can make your operations faster and easier to manage. At the same time, they can provide consumers with more exciting shopping experiences, which fosters brand loyalty.

Above all, these tools can position your brand as a cutting-edge leader. In this tech-dependent age, that’s an appealing reputation to have.